Pinellas County Fire Professionals of the Year

Congratulations, Captain Larry Thompson

I am pleased to announce and congratulate Captain Larry Thompson as one of the Pinellas County Fire Professionals of the year award recipients. Captain Thompson has worked for the Lealman Special Fire Control District for over 35 years. He is the current station captain for the Tierra Verde Station 21. He also has trained hundreds of people in CERT training, manages many special events, writes grants, works in the district Emergency Operations Center when activated, and teaches ongoing CERT courses.

Please take a few moments and watch the video highlighting this year’s award winners.

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Commission Meetings

Upcoming Change of Meeting Time

As of June 5th, 2017 all regularly scheduled Lealman Commissioner Meetings will take place at 1:00 p.m. Our meeting on May 1, 2017 will continue as originally scheduled at 5:00 p.m.

Meeting Notice

Lealman Special Fire Control District will
Hold a regular voting meeting for the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm.

Meetings are held at:
Lealman Special Fire Control District
4360 55th Ave N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33714
(727) 526-5650

It’s Time to Change

Did you remember to change the 9 volt battery in your smoke detector? Remember every time the time changes you should change the 9 volt batteries in your smoke detectors. That is unless you have one of the new smoke detectors with a 10 year battery. I recently went to Lowe’s and Home Depot and these smoke detectors range from around $20 to $35 depending on features.

Please – Please – Please make sure you have working smoke detectors. I personally have seen where smoke detectors have saved the lives of the residents because they were alerted before the fire could get out of control.

Sadly, I have seen where smoke detectors would have saved the lives of the home owners if they had either installed smoke detectors or not removed the batteries. Several times
in my career I have seen where the 9 volt batteries were removed to power a remote control and never reinstalled and then a fire completely destroyed the home. In one case I investigated a fire where a woman had two smoke detectors and the batteries were removed because they kept alerting due to cooking. Unfortunately she paid with her life for that mistake. She literally died in the living room directly under where the smoke detector had its battery removed.

If you need help installing the smoke detector please call the fire district and we will send out a crew to install the smoke detector. Our phone number is 727-526-5650 (ext. 221) and Linda or Tammy will get you to the right person.

Thank you,

Chief Graham

Home Heating Safety

heaterAccording to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), half of all home heating fires occur in December, January and February. So now is the time to make sure your home heating device is safe, before the weather turns bitter cold. Follow these USFA heating tips to maintain a fire safe home this winter.


  • Keep anything that can burn at least three (3) feet from all heat sources including fireplaces, wood stoves, radiators, space heaters or candles.
  • Never use an oven to heat your home.
  • Maintain heating equipment and chimneys by having them cleaned and inspected annually by a qualified professional.


For more information on how to keep specific heating devices safe, such as a furnace, space heater, kerosene heater, fireplace or wood stove, visit the USFA’s Heating Fire Safety page.

Original source: FEMA Newsletter, November 2016

Special Announcement

Tentative Budget Hearing

The meeting scheduled on September 6th has been changed to begin at 5:01 pm. At that time the Tentative Budget Hearing will commence, followed immediately by our regular monthly commission meeting. Thank you


Tentative Budget Hearing – 5:01 pm

September 6, 2016 Regular Commission Meeting – Will begin immediately following the first meeting.

Hurricane Hermine


Lealman Fire District firefighters work to secure some debris just after a squall line blew through the fire district off 54th Avenue and 78th Street North in Pinellas County. Lt. Fitzgerald, Firefighter Fishback, and Firefighter Jacobs try to secure the damaged mobile homes. No injuries were reported.

Please be safe and stay away from storm debris whenever possible. Injuries can occur from sharp metal, nails, and falling objects.


Now Hiring: Emergency Vehicle Technician

Job Open Until Filled

We currently have a position open for an Emergency Vehicle Technician. Please click to open the attached PDF job description and qualifications.

Apply in person at 4360 55 Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL 33714 or call 727-526-5650 ext 221 to speak to Linda or Tammy to send by email.

Applications will only be accepted until position is filled.hiring


Lealman residents hurry to fill sandbags at the Lealman Park located at 37th Street and 54th Avenue North. With already 6 inches of rain and maybe a total of 10 inches by tomorrow, some residents are not taking any chances. Please drive safely.sandbags