It’s Time to Change

Did you remember to change the 9 volt battery in your smoke detector? Remember every time the time changes you should change the 9 volt batteries in your smoke detectors. That is unless you have one of the new smoke detectors with a 10 year battery. I recently went to Lowe’s and Home Depot and these smoke detectors range from around $20 to $35 depending on features.

Please – Please – Please make sure you have working smoke detectors. I personally have seen where smoke detectors have saved the lives of the residents because they were alerted before the fire could get out of control.

Sadly, I have seen where smoke detectors would have saved the lives of the home owners if they had either installed smoke detectors or not removed the batteries. Several times
in my career I have seen where the 9 volt batteries were removed to power a remote control and never reinstalled and then a fire completely destroyed the home. In one case I investigated a fire where a woman had two smoke detectors and the batteries were removed because they kept alerting due to cooking. Unfortunately she paid with her life for that mistake. She literally died in the living room directly under where the smoke detector had its battery removed.

If you need help installing the smoke detector please call the fire district and we will send out a crew to install the smoke detector. Our phone number is 727-526-5650 (ext. 221) and Linda or Tammy will get you to the right person.

Thank you,

Chief Graham